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All the services I offer, including coaching and self-study courses, are aimed at helping you manifest your desires easily and quickly.



One on One Coaching


An hour-long 1-on-1 single session with me, held via Skype phone call, for anyone looking for personal guidance with their manifestation. I don't have a fixed agenda in the sessions; we are guided by Infinite Intelligence. You will receive exactly what you need in that moment, based on your current state of consciousness (your current energy). If you want to, the session can be recorded via Skype. 

What you can expect:

  • Clear, solution-oriented guidance specific to your situation 
  • ​​Speeding up the unfolding of your manifestation and saving tons of time and energy
  • Full clarity on which next step to take to move towards your manifestation 
  • Getting rid of limitation
  • Stopping intrusive and impulsive thoughts, which unnecessarily neutralize your manifestation techniques
  • Releasing internal resistance
  • Saving money on other coachings and course that bring you nowhere
  • State of relief, clarity and inner knowing after the session

The SP Manifestation Academy


This is your time to finally manifest your specific person and turn the reality of your love life around! Influenced by over 17 years of experience in deliberate manifestation and over 4 years helping clients one-on-one to manifest their SPs, the SP Manifestation Academy provides the fastest, smoothest, and most confident path to attract your desire.

What you can expect:

  • An easy-to-manage, step-by-step plan that covers every essential part to manifest your SP easily and fast
  • ​​Tools to release resistance and fears so you can effortlessly get into alignment with your desire
  • Practical guidance to deal with the most common circumstances that people find themselves stuck in when manifesting an SP (third party, breakups, no contact, etc.)

The Millionaire Mindset Course


I have created this self-study course for you to completely transform your money mindset! It's time for you to break free from a scarcity mindset and step into the mindset of the wealthy and abundant. This course is designed in a way that you will experience significant changes within just 21 days. Furthermore, it was important for me to provide you with long-lasting transformations through this course, not just short-term money manifestations. Immerse yourself in your new, abundant self and let me guide you on this journey. I will reveal to you all my secrets and tricks that I don't share on social media. Everything that I have personally done to go from being a poor "immigrant kid" to living a financially abundant life.

We are currently in the process of finalizing this course. As soon as the course is complete, I will inform you via Instagram and/or the newsletter and the course will be available for purchase here.


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